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Virtually Empowered. 

That's how I would describe myself. I have leveraged the power of technology to escape the rat race, build the very foundations of my businesses and expand my reach in today's dynamic market. 

I would like you to get to know the same building blocks I used, to create the life you want and start going places - literally and figuratively.


Do you come from a disadvantaged background, feeling powerless to change your future? 

Are you a disgruntled employee who feels like you could do so much more with your life? 

Do you have enough of the cubicle lifestyle and looking to find better opportunities online?

Are you a stay at home parent who is looking to make extra money and regain your financial independence?

Are you an existing freelancer who felt like you've reached a plateau in your career?

Do you dream of traveling the world as a digital nomad and work anywhere you want? 

At one point in my life, I answered yes to every question above. So I'm with you when I say, I know what you're going through. And it doesn't have to stay that way. 

As someone who came from the 3rd world, I struggled for most of my life. It wasn't just because of where I was - it was a combination of several factors including mindset, habits, and beliefs. But one thing I learned throughout the years is - you have the power to change your life. 


You're the boss of your body, your life and your mind.

You choose what happens next.





  • We cannot move forward without knowing where we stand. We'll start off with a one-on-one session, online or in-person, to have a deeper understanding of where you are today and what you want to accomplish in the next months. 

  • Whether you're a seasoned freelancer or about to take the plunge, we'll work on the different areas that will help you - from creating your online profiles to setting up an online agency. 

  • Private access to hundreds of transformational e-Books, marketing resources, online tools and training videos. The same systems and processes that I use to run a 7-figure online business are yours to explore.

  • Priority access to me. I will be with you every step of the way. Ask me anything, any time.

  • Free slot to a travelWORKshop of your choice. And more! 



Kindly fill out this form so I know if we're a good fit.  You can also send me a message below and we'll get back to you shortly. 

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